Replace watch battery

The lifespan of a watch varies, but if the time is no longer displayed correctly or the hands have stopped completely, we are ready to help you in Vlissingen. Our expertise not only includes quickly and efficiently replacing batteries, but also making your watch waterproof.

You can simply come to us and we will often arrange it for you immediately. If repairing the watch takes a little more time, you can run an errand in the meantime and often pick up the watch after half an hour.

Prices for Watch Battery Replacement and Services

We offer the following services at transparent prices:

  • Watch Battery Replacement: €10 to €15
  • Watertightness test: €5.00
  • Replace gasket (if necessary): €6 (only if the watch is not waterproof)

Is your watch less than a year old and no longer running? Return the watch to our store with the receipt and your battery will be replaced free of charge.

Waterproof test &

Replace battery

We can replace a watch battery for you and immediately test and test the watch to be waterproof up to 5 bar. This means you can shower with your watch! Nevertheless, we still advise against showering with your watch, as this can damage the watch more quickly.

When replacing a battery, it is essential that the back is sealed as well as before so that your watch remains waterproof. In the case of an older watch, it may happen that not all parts in the watch case fit perfectly. It is then necessary to install a new part to ensure watertightness.

How long does a new watch battery last?

A watch battery often lasts a year and a half. If the watch has previously run out of power, your watch may need to be serviced. Quartz watches normally require servicing every three years to remove all dirt from the movement. Our watchmaker can do this for you. For more information, see watch repair.

But how do you know when the watch needs a new battery? Of course, if your watch stops working, but sometimes a watch also shows symptoms of low power. For example, if the second hand skips a few seconds at once. It is also possible that the watch no longer keeps time properly. All these signals mean that the battery needs to be replaced. Be careful not to leave an old battery in a watch for too long. If acid leaks, serious damage to the inside of the watch can occur.

Replace solar watch battery?

Solar watches run on a battery. The solar cell that collects the sun's rays is incorporated into the dial. An advantage of solar-powered watches is that they are almost always charged, because they capture both daylight and artificial light. The power reserve is only used when there is no light source. Some watches have a power reserve of up to eight years.

This battery can also be replaced if the watch no longer charges properly due to the sun. Seiko recommends replacing the battery in these watches every ten years to ensure best performance. Regularly charging the battery can damage the watch. We recommend only a limited number of charges before the lifespan of this battery begins to diminish.

Depending on how you use your watch, it will last more than ten years. Although it is better to have your battery replaced after ten years, it is possible that your watch will last longer.

Tips for maintaining your watch

Here are a few tips to optimally maintain your watch.

  1. Sometimes it is said that it is better to pull out the crown of a watch that is not in use, so that it does not run. We do not recommend this, because dirt can cause more damage in the long term than if you let the watch run.
  2. Avoid contact between your watch and chemicals. It is also better not to leave your watch in the sun for too long.
  3. If you have a waterproof watch, clean the watch case regularly with a damp cloth. If your watch is not waterproof, use a dry soft polishing cloth.
  4. A mechanical watch needs maintenance every two years, a quartz watch every three years.
  5. Is the battery of your watch empty? Replace it as soon as possible to prevent leakage.
  6. Make sure your watch case is cleaned and maintained regularly to extend the life of the watch.