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      Signet Rings – A Jewelry with Lots of History 

      A signet ring is a unique piece of jewelry that is often worn by both men and women. It is a ring that is often wide and has a seal at the top. In the past, this signet ring was used to provide documents with a wax seal, but today we only wear it as a stylish piece of jewelry.

      Signet rings are available in many different types. In order to meet everyone's wishes, we have chosen to offer a wide range. Are you curious which signet ring men and women prefer to wear? We will tell you everything about the unique signet rings in the collection of jeweler Van der Kooij.

      The signet rings from jeweler Van der Kooij

      Are you looking for a signet ring for yourself or as a gift for your partner? Then you are undoubtedly curious about which different signet rings you can choose from. We are happy to give you more insight into our collection. Below is a brief explanation of the possibilities. 

      We can therefore speak of a broad collection of signet rings. A silver signet ring for men or a gold signet ring for women, the possibilities are endless!

      History of the signet ring

      The signet ring is a very old piece of jewelry. In the past, the signet ring often contained the family coat of arms. This tradition can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The family coat of arms played a major role at the time. This family coat of arms was especially important within noble families.

      Nowadays the signet ring of course has a completely different value and meaning than in the past. Its practical value has largely been lost, but the signet ring remains a classic. In some cases, a signet ring is still passed down within families, upholding family tradition. In addition, it is of course a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry to look at.

      While in the past the signet ring mainly appealed to men, nowadays more and more women wear signet rings. We are happy with this shift. After all, we wish that everyone can experience the unique look of a signet ring.

      Engrave signet rings 

      In the past, the signet ring often had a family coat of arms engraved. However, we see this happening less often today, although it has not yet been completely lost. There are still families where a signet ring with a family crest has been passed down for generations.

      Nowadays it is often chosen to engrave initials in a signet ring. This also makes it a ring that is often given as a gift to loved ones. Engraving a signet ring is a craft in itself. Fortunately, the professionals at jeweler van der Kooij have years of experience with this work.

      We engrave every signet ring without any problems. We do this with a precise finish, and listen carefully to your wishes so that we can engrave in a suitable manner. After all, we want the engraving to look exactly as you had in mind. 

      Buy signet ring men or women online 

      Both men and women can visit the webshop of jeweler Van der Kooij for a unique signet ring. We offer a wide collection, which ensures that the ring that meets your needs will undoubtedly be among them. An order is placed at the touch of a button, and we ensure that your signet ring is delivered to your home quickly and safely. We find this service very normal at jeweler Van der Kooij.