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      Italo Bottene Earrings – Particularly Unique

      Italo Bottene is an Italian brand founded in 1971. After more than 50 years, this brand is still extremely popular among the general public. Italo Bottene earrings are characterized by a very unique design. You will immediately notice that these are not everyday jewelry. All of these earrings are exceptionally unique. Not only the design but also the high-quality materials contribute to this. An Italo Bottene earring will undoubtedly surprise you positively. It is a piece of jewelry that makes you stand out from the crowd.

      Jeweler van der Kooij proudly sells a wide collection of Italo Bottene earrings. We are very pleased with the high quality of this brand and can highly recommend these earrings to all our customers. So are you looking for a unique pair of earrings that you can enjoy for a long time? Then you should definitely consider the Italo Bottene earrings. The special collection will undoubtedly stimulate your interest.

      The exceptional collection of Italo Bottene earrings

      The special collection of Italo Bottene is characterized by the use of high-quality 14 carat gold and beautiful gemstones. Did you know that the Italo Bottene earrings are still made in Italy today? It is and remains an international family business that attaches great importance to quality.

      Curious about the unique collection? Below is an impression of the possibilities.

      -    Italo Bottene stud earrings

      -    Italo Bottene earrings

      -    Italo Bottene earrings with diamond

      -    Italo Bottene earrings with colored gemstones

      Long, short, round or square, Italo Bottene earrings are very diverse. There is a suitable piece of jewelry for every woman. Did you know that these earrings can also be easily combined with other Italo Bottene jewelry?

      Italo Bottene jewelry combination

      In addition to Italo Bottene earrings, you can also buy other jewelry from this brand at jeweler Van der Kooij. Did you know, for example, that we also sell unique Italo Bottene necklaces ? These have a similar style and can therefore be combined fantastically.

      Of course you can also combine Italo Bottene earrings with other jewelry from the Van der Kooij collection. Our charming gold extension rings , beautiful bangle bracelets and versatile watches can also be worn in combination with these earrings.

      Could you use some help putting together a nice set? The experts at jeweler van der Kooij are happy to help you with this. Their years of experience and expertise can be absolutely valuable to any customer.

      Buy Italo Bottene earrings at jeweler van der Kooij

      Have the unique designs and high quality of the Italo Bottene earrings convinced you? Then you have come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. We sell a wide collection of jewelry from this unique brand. You can view all models in our online webshop. Placing an order is very easy, and our fast delivery ensures that you never have to wait long for your new gems.

      Of course you can also choose to visit our physical store. Here you can view the Italo Bottene earrings with your own eyes. We are also happy to provide you with personal, tailor-made advice.