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      Engrave Bracelets – Personalize with Name or Initials

      Having a bracelet engraved is something that has been done for years, but is still extremely popular. It adds a personal value to the bracelet, which makes it one of the most popular jewelry gifts. These bracelets are given as gifts on various occasions. An anniversary, birth or in memory of a loved one, it can all be immortalized in a unique engraving bracelet.

      We engrave your bracelet with initials, names or an important date, everything is possible. Jeweler van der Kooij has the expert in-house to carry out every engraving in a suitable manner. You will not be disappointed when you have such a special bracelet personalized by our professionals. In fact, we will surprise you with what is possible!

      Personalize a bracelet – This way your jewelry becomes truly unique

      Personalizing a bracelet ensures that it becomes completely unique. No one will have the same bracelet as you if you have it personalized with an engraving. As stated, this could be anything. A date, logo or family crest. However, there are two options that are by far the most popular: the bracelet with initials and the bracelet with name. We discuss these briefly below.

      Bracelet with initials

      A bracelet with initials can be a beautiful memory of a loved one. You can also choose to have the initials of your partner or child engraved in a bracelet. This way you always have your loved one close by.

      A bracelet with initials can have various shapes. As long as the bracelet has enough surface area for an engraving, we can provide any bracelet with initials.

      Bracelet with name

      A bracelet with a name is a bit more personal than a bracelet with initials. You can have your own name or the name of your loved one engraved in a bracelet of your choice. Every time you look at this bracelet with name, wonderful memories come back. This makes the bracelet with name a very popular piece of jewelry. This is also often given as a gift after a birth. There are also very small bracelets for babies and children that we can provide with a personal engraving.

      View both our gold and silver engraved bracelets so you can make an informed choice.

      Engraving jewelry is a profession in itself

      Engraving jewelry is a very precise job that can only be carried out by a professional. We realize that all too well. After all, we do not want to run the risk that an engraving does not meet your wishes. Fortunately, jeweler Van der Kooij has the best professionals for this job.

      With years of experience, we can now proudly say that we engrave jewelry at the highest level. You choose the text and font, and we ensure that everything appears exactly as desired in your bracelet.

      You can buy engraved bracelets from jeweler Van der Kooij

      The most beautiful engraved bracelets can be found in the extensive collection of jeweler Van der Kooij. Silver or would you rather have a gold bracelet? Everything is possible. Women, men and children can enjoy our extensive collection of bracelets. Do you opt for a bracelet with a name, a bracelet with initials or perhaps an important date engraved? All your wishes come true!