Shooting holes at Van der Kooij

Earrings are fun accessories for everyone. With us you can have holes pierced, and this is possible from the age of four. We offer personal help with choosing the earrings and inform you extensively about the shooting process and the care that follows. Moreover, we always shoot with two people, so that you only have to recover from the shock once.

Choose your material

Types of shoot earrings

If you want to have holes pierced, you can first choose the earrings. Usually these are simple earrings such as studs, so that they fit into the shooting device.

Titanium is suitable for people who quickly suffer from allergies. It prevents reactions, allowing your holes to heal nicely. Although it is often slightly more expensive, titanium retains its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Surgical stainless steel
Stainless steel and stainless steel earrings are made from surgical steel. By wearing earrings made of surgical steel, you avoid red or inflamed earlobes. Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone.

Two at a time?

Because children can sometimes be frightened by shooting an earring, we always shoot two earrings at the same time. This way you don't have to unnecessarily experience the same pain twice. Of course you can also indicate what you like. After you have selected the earring, your ears will be disinfected and cleaned. One of our employees will determine the best place for the earring on the earlobe and mark this with a dot on both sides. It is then checked whether the markings are in the same place on both sides. You can also check yourself whether you are satisfied with the placement, after which the earrings can be shot.

How much does it cost to shoot holes?

When shooting holes, you do not have to pay for the shooting itself, but you do have to purchase the earrings. The prices of the earrings vary between €26 and €32, depending on the type of earring you choose. This price includes the earrings, drilling the holes, and a bottle of anti-inflammatory for aftercare.

After six weeks you can choose to change the earrings yourself, but you can also come to the store and we can assist you. During this visit we can also check whether the hole is healing properly.

New earrings &


In principle this is possible. When you get out of the water, it is important that your ears are thoroughly dried with a clean cloth. Pay close attention to your ears, for example if they become extra red. It is best to disinfect the ears immediately or to lubricate the ears with Vaseline before swimming. Vaseline is water-repellent and therefore less water gets into the holes. You can also wear a swimming cap to reduce contact with the water.

Also check whether the earrings have not fallen out while swimming. It is important that the earrings do not get caught on anything, for example on the hair. So it is possible to swim with your newly shot earrings, but be careful with this.


Shooting the earrings takes about a second and can be a little sensitive. Afterwards, it is important to thoroughly disinfect the holes with rubbing alcohol such as Sterilon. To ensure proper healing, leave the earrings in for at least six weeks before wearing other earrings. Rotating the earrings also ensures that it heals better. And once you want to wear other earrings after the six-week period, remember that they have only recently sprouted and can grow closed quickly. So try to keep an earring in regularly.