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      Solar Watches

      Solar watches are a useful invention, but not new. Believe it or not, the first solar powered watch dates back to the 1970s.

      If you don't fully understand how a solar watch works, don't worry. Our team of watch experts is happy to tell you about the solar watch and guide you through this beautiful piece of technology.

      What is a solar watch?

      A solar watch is a watch that uses light energy to work. Under the dial of every solar watch there is a solar cell that converts light energy into electrical energy. The watch captures light, the solar cell converts this into energy that is stored in a rechargeable battery and thus supplies the watch with power.

      Seiko and Bering are two of the top brands for Solar watches, view the user manual of the Seiko watch solar here .

      How does a solar watch work?

      A solar watch is powered directly by light energy from the sun. This doesn't just mean direct sunlight. But it does mean that your watch needs a light source to be powered. You may need to keep an eye on how much sunlight your watch gets during the dark winter months. Our tip: make sure that your watch is not hidden under your clothes for too long.

      Of course you can't stand in the light all day, luckily solar powered watches have a handy trick: a rechargeable battery in which extra energy is stored and the energy reserve is only used when there is no light source. This means that the solar watch absorbs the light source and converts it into energy to immediately power the watch. It then stores any extra energy, i.e. energy not required to operate the watch immediately, in the rechargeable battery. This stored energy is only used when the solar watch has no direct light source to power it.

      Each solar watch has different levels of ability to store excess energy, but every solar watch continues to work even when there is no direct light source.

      Does a solar powered watch need batteries?

      As previously mentioned, a solar watch uses a battery to function, but not the typical button battery of Quartz watches . A solar powered watch uses a rechargeable, eco-friendly battery that can release energy and store it for a long time. The batteries of a solar watch often take the form of a lithium-ion cell that can be charged a thousand times before needing to be replaced.

      A solar watch battery is strong and durable. A single full battery of a solar watch can last for months. And the best thing is that a solar watch battery has a lifespan of 15 years. The disadvantage is that a solar watch battery will begin to degrade over time. Anyway, a battery for a solar watch is a lot more efficient than that of a quartz watch.

      How accurate is a solar watch?

      A solar watch is probably the most reliable watch in the world when it comes to accurate timekeeping. The fact that this type of watch continues to run unless left in complete darkness for a long time means that it does not lose time, as would be the case if you had to replace a battery every other year. The rechargeable battery is what makes the solar watch so reliable. As with all watches, it is recommended that you keep your solar watch away from strong magnetic fields to ensure it functions as accurately as possible. The reliability of a solar watch is probably the biggest reason for many of our customers to purchase a solar powered watch.

      Is a solar watch reliable?

      Sometimes solar watches are also called solar quartz watches. Why? Solar watches work in the same way as quartz watches. A solar watch contains a vibrating quartz crystal, just like a quartz watch. The vibrating quartz crystal ensures a beat frequency of one tick per second and accurate timekeeping. It is therefore logical to call a solar watch a solar quartz watch.

      So back to the question, is a solar watch reliable? Firstly, a solar watch is manufactured by the most reliable watch manufacturers. Think of it this way. It is quite easy to make a quartz watch and sell it to the public. That is why many unknown brands can easily release quartz watches. But that is not the case with the production of a solar watch. Because of the special eco-drive technology used in the production of a solar watch, watch manufacturers think twice before venturing into the production of a solar watch. energy. When you buy a solar watch, you can be sure of its quality.

      All in all, solar watches are accurate, long lasting and better for the environment. We have a large collection of solar watches for men or solar watches for women in our collection. Visit the store in Vlissingen or view all watches in our beautiful webshop.