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      The Engagement Ring as a Seal of your Love 

      It is a dream of many, and actually one of the highlights in a love relationship; the engagement. This special moment in life is often sealed with a beautiful engagement ring. Whether the man or the woman proposes, engagement rings are always a permanent part of this festive moment.

      Marriage proposals are often made in a beautiful, memorable place. And let's face it, doesn't that also include a breathtakingly beautiful ring? For this you have come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. A traditional engagement ring gold in color, or perhaps a silver variant? The possibilities are endless! 

      Various types of engagement rings gold in color

      Typically, engagement rings are gold in color, or at least this is the preference we generally encounter most often. However, there are different colors of gold to choose from. Warm yellow gold or perhaps a fresh white gold ring ? Everyone's personal taste requires a different color engagement ring. Even bicolor rings are possible.

      Although engagement rings of gold color are the most popular, other materials are also possible. For example, does the future bride only wear silver or another precious steel? Then it is completely understandable that you choose a matching ring. Fortunately, our extensive ring collection offers something for everyone.

      So also take a look at our silver women's rings for some extra inspiration. 

      High quality engagement rings

      Quality is of paramount importance to jeweler Van der Kooij. This of course also applies to our collection of engagement rings. All rings are very strong and therefore have a long lifespan. This is nice, since people usually wear an engagement ring for a lifetime.

      Engagement rings are made of various materials. Naturally, we use at least 14 carat gold in all our gold-colored engagement rings. This ensures a strong ring that can certainly take a beating. The majority of all engagement rings also have a beautiful stone. We usually use a real diamond for this.

       Whether you choose a yellow gold ring with one large diamond or a white gold ring with several small diamonds, each piece meets the high standards that we at jeweler van der Kooij set in terms of quality. 

      Buy an engagement ring at Juwelier van der Kooij

      Are you also looking for an engagement ring, a symbol of your love? Then jeweler van der Kooij is the place to be. In addition to a versatile, high-quality collection, we also provide expert advice. Do you have doubts about the material, size or something else? The professionals in our jewelry store are happy to help you.

      Became curious? We cordially invite you to visit our store in Vlissingen soon. We will be happy to show you our collection and, where necessary, guide you in your choice. For a preview, you can of course also view our collection of engagement rings in the webshop. This collection will not disappoint you, you can be sure!