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      Van der Kooij Bracelets Collection

      Jeweler van der Kooij sells various jewelry brands. In this way we try to offer the most versatile collection possible. However, we also sell our own jewelry, the unique Van der Kooij Collection. We proudly introduce you to our own bracelet collection . This is not just any collection, it is a collection that responds to everyone's wishes and only contains bracelets of the highest quality.

      We distinguish ourselves with a unique bracelet collection that only uses 14 to 21 carat gold. We would describe the style of our bracelets as sleek and renewed. The special thing about our bracelet collection is that it is not exclusively based on trends. The design that we have believed in for 40 years also remains an essential part of our Van der Kooij bracelets collection.

      Various types of Van der Kooij bracelets

      Our unique collection of Van der Kooij bracelets features jewelry for both men and women of all ages. Everyone's needs have been taken into account. All our bracelets have a luxurious appearance and are also attractively priced. You can choose from various materials when looking for a genuine Van der Kooij bracelet. Which metal do you personally prefer?

      -    14 carat gold

      -    925 Sterling silver

      -    White gold/Yellow gold

      -    Stainless steel

      We can safely say that there is a suitable metal for everyone's taste. Of course, every occasion calls for a different type of bracelet. Fortunately, our collection has various models that compliment your personality. Below are some popular models in our collection.

      -    Bangle bracelet

      -    Link bracelet

      -    Nameplate bracelet / engraving bracelet

      -    Bracelet with gemstones

      All these bracelets are made of strong and durable precious metals. Yet we charge a fair price and guarantee good quality. We also find comfort important, and we are pleased to tell you that our bracelets can be worn daily without irritation.

      Combine Van der Kooij bracelets with other jewelry

      Van der Kooij bracelets are extremely versatile. This means that they can be worn every day and match any outfit. In addition, it is very easy to combine these bracelets with other jewelry. Something that we women usually love to do, isn't it?

      Combine a Van der Kooij bracelet with a real Van der Kooij necklace, or a pair of unique Van der Kooij earrings . With such a combination you will undoubtedly steal the show on any occasion.

      Guarantee Van der Kooij bracelets

      The bracelets from our unique collection have a warranty period of 6 months. This warranty applies to manufacturing defects. If something has happened to your bracelet outside the warranty period, you can of course always visit us. We view and assess each situation individually and strive to provide all our customers with the best possible service.

      Are you ordering one of our bracelets? It will then be beautifully wrapped for you and delivered in luxurious packaging. Orders are always shipped within 24 hours, even on Saturdays. Fast delivery is therefore always a guarantee.