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      Titanium Bracelet Women & Men

      Are you looking for an elegant bracelet that will last a long time? Then a titanium bracelet is a good choice. These bracelets are anti-allergenic and are therefore suitable for a wide audience. Titanium bracelets are available in many different shapes and sizes. There is something for everyone in the versatile collection of jeweler Van der Kooij.

      We know that a titanium bracelet attracts women and men. For years, our female and male customers have trusted the quality of our unique titanium bracelets. The quality is unprecedentedly high. Our titanium collection of Boccia bracelets in particular is very popular among the general public. We are sure that you will also find the perfect bracelet for you in this collection!

      Titanium bracelet for women or men – A special collection

      Jeweler van der Kooij offers a special collection of unique titanium bracelets for both men and women. The collection is a jack of all trades and therefore has a lot to offer. Sturdy, stylish and versatility remain key points of every bracelet. Below are some various models that are currently popular.

      -    Titanium bracelet ladies bicolor

      -    Titanium link bracelet

      -    Boccia titanium bracelet men

      -    Boccia titanium bracelet ladies

      As you can see, there are various titanium bracelets available for both women and men. Are you going for a unique piece from the Boccia series or will you choose one of the special bicolor link bracelets? The possibilities are plentiful!

      Titanium bracelets are allergy free

      Our titanium bracelets are not only popular because of their unique appearance, they also contain many anti-allergenic properties. This means that the piece of jewelry can also be worn by people with sensitive skin. Consider, for example, people who suffer from a silver allergy, who can usually wear a beautiful titanium bracelet without any problems.

      These bracelets are also jewelry that does not oxidize. This means that you will not suffer from black discolouration. The titanium bracelets do not react to salt or sweat. In short, it is a sturdy bracelet that will last for years. We could say that it is a piece of jewelry for life! So it is not surprising that the titanium bracelet makes men enthusiastic. After all, they are usually looking for a piece of jewelry that can withstand a beating.

      You can also easily combine this bracelet with other jewelry because of its neutral color. Combine a titanium bracelet with a gold diamond ring or a beautiful silver necklace . This way you create a unique combination that will undoubtedly steal the show.

      Buy a titanium bracelet for men or women at jeweler Van der Kooij

      At jeweler Van der Kooij you can buy titanium bracelets of the highest quality for both women and men. You can view our entire collection in the webshop, where you can also place an order quickly and easily. We then ensure fast and safe delivery. A visit to our physical store is of course also possible.

      Are you considering giving a piece of jewelry as a gift and are you wondering which titanium bracelet men or women prefer to wear? Then the experts at jeweler Van der Kooij will be happy to help you. Their years of expertise and knowledge will undoubtedly help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one.