Rings with zirconia

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      Rings with Zirconia – Affordable Luxury

      Are you also crazy about rings with glittering stones? Then a ring with zirconia could be the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Rings with zirconia are suitable for various occasions and also have many advantages. To start with, it is an affordable alternative to the unique diamond ring.

      A diamond ring is not within everyone's budget, we understand that. That is why we have ensured that we have similar rings in our collection, which are available in a lower price segment. Then you usually end up with our zirconia rings. Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone which makes it immaculate, unlike many natural gemstones.

      Various types of zirconia rings – A versatile collection 

      If you are looking for a zirconia ring in our collection, you have a lot of choice. You can choose from various models, and rings with zirconia are also available in different materials. So there really is something for everyone. What options are there exactly? To get started, choose from the metals below. 

      Do you prefer a gold ring or does a silver ring suit you better? We have created the most unique zirconia rings from both metals. You can then choose from various types of rings. For example, would you go for a ring with one large zirconia stone or would you prefer a ring with several small stones? The choice is yours!

      Benefits of zirconia rings 

      A zirconia ring has many advantages. As already mentioned, it is an affordable stone. In addition, there is a wide choice of different models of zirconia rings. So there is a suitable ring for everyone. Since we are dealing with a synthetic stone here, it has no impurities.

      Our rings with zirconia are ideal for everyday use and can also be taken with you when traveling with peace of mind. You can easily order your new zirconia ring in the online webshop of jeweler van der Kooij. Could you use some expert advice? The professionals at jeweler van der Kooij are always ready to provide you with the very best personal advice. After all, this is our passion!

      Maintenance of zirconia rings

      Many customers love our zirconia rings because they are easy to maintain. The quality is not lost during the cleaning process. We do advise you to stay away from aggressive chemicals, as these are never beneficial to your jewelry. Make sure you bring your ring to our store once a year for a thorough cleaning, and your zirconia ring will last for a long time. This visit ensures that your jewelry will shine again and retain its unique shine.

      Zirconia is a strong rock compared to some other gemstones. You can wear a ring with zirconia every day without fear of damage, wear or scratches. Correct stone setting is especially important with the zirconia ring. Fortunately, we at jeweler Van der Kooij always take care of that. Quality is of paramount importance to us.

      Zirconia rings at the jeweler of Zeeland

      Ordering a zirconia ring also takes little effort. Of course you can always visit our store. We provide professional advice and are happy to help you find the perfect zirconia ring. Are you looking for a yellow gold ring with zirconia or a silver ring with zirconia? Everything is possible. You can also make an appointment to design your own piece of jewelry and add a zirconia stone to it.