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      Special Personalized Necklaces

      The personalized necklaces are popular among many of our customers. After all, a personal engraving in your necklace provides a unique look. Whether you choose a name, a favorite quote or the symbol of your zodiac sign, it is all possible with the special personalized necklaces from jeweler Van der Kooij.

      Our collection is wide and versatile. This means that there is a suitable personal necklace for every man or woman. Are you curious about which personal necklaces are currently trendy, or could you simply use some help finding the right model? Then our experts will of course be happy to help you.

      Personal engraving in necklace

      Our engraving necklaces can be fully personalized. So you are assured of a unique piece of jewelry that carries a lot of value and meaning. You can have a beautiful text engraved that is a reflection of your life, or you can have the name of your loved one engraved in your necklace.

      Many people also choose to engrave an image or, for example, their zodiac sign symbol in their personal engraving necklace. What does your perfect personalized necklace look like? You can give free rein to your creativity, and our professionals will ensure that your wishes are realized.

      Did you know that jeweler Van der Kooij not only supplies personalized necklaces, but can also engrave bracelets and signet rings , for example? So you can put together a complete set containing your favorite jewelry.

      Personal necklaces for both men and women

      When you think of a personalized necklace, you often think of an elegant piece of jewelry that is mainly worn by women. However, there are also plenty of men who appreciate the unique style of a personal necklace. Fortunately, our diverse collection offers a lot of choice for both men and women.

      A woman may be looking for a subtle piece of jewelry with elegant details, while a man may have a more rugged and coarse piece of jewelry in mind. It will reassure you to know that jeweler Van der Kooij is a jack of all trades, and therefore has a suitable necklace for every man and woman.

      A gold chain with pendant or perhaps a cool silver one ? You choose and we deliver!

      Necklace with child's name

      Did you know that a necklace with children's names also looks fantastically cute? We also sell various models for children. A necklace with a letter, a necklace with a charm and nameplate or perhaps a necklace with a zodiac sign? These are just a few examples that our extensive collection offers for children of various ages. Feel free to visit the store to examine all the options.

      Zodiac sign necklace

      Many people choose to wear a necklace or other piece of jewelry with the symbol of their zodiac sign. Such a necklace with a zodiac sign can radiate enormous power and elegance. Fortunately, this necklace is available in various variants. For example, do you choose the gold necklace with a zodiac sign, or do you prefer silver necklaces with a zodiac sign ? The collection of jeweler Van der Kooij features both models. View all options to make an informed choice.

      Buy a personalized necklace at the jeweler in Zeeland

      Would you also like to purchase a personal necklace? Then you have come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. View the entire collection of personalized necklaces in our versatile webshop. You are always assured of fast and safe delivery.

      Would you rather visit our physical store to view the jewelry in real life? This is of course also a possibility. Our professional staff is ready to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry.