Ash bracelets

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      Ash bracelets: a beautiful way to keep a loved one close

      Our collection of ash bracelets is a nice alternative to ash rings or ash pendants. We will customize the bracelet for you free of charge. Above this text you will find our complete collection of ash bracelets. If you would like to see more, you are also very welcome in our store in Vlissingen.

      Bracelet with the ashes of a deceased person

      A bracelet with the ashes of a deceased person can be a nice solution for many people who prefer not to wear rings or chains to be able to carry the ashes of a deceased person close by. We have various ash bracelets for women and men that you can view. All our ash bracelets are available in silver and gold. If you choose a gold ash bracelet, you can also choose red gold and white gold.

      Correct size ash bracelet

      To find the right size bracelet, it is best to measure your wrist with a measuring tape. Place the measuring tape connected around your wrist, just behind the knuckle and towards the elbow. You can now read your wrist size in centimeters. If you add this to your order, we will provide enough space so that you can wear the ash bracelet comfortably. The standard length of some women's bracelets that are pulled over the wrist is 18 centimeters. This ash bracelet will fit comfortably with a wrist size between 16 cm and 19.5 cm. If you need a larger size, we can simply extend the bracelet for you. Please indicate this when placing your order.

      Personalize your ash bracelet with an engraving

      An ash bracelet can not only be a beautiful way to carry a loved one close, but also to personalize the piece of jewelry with an engraving. At Van der Kooij Edelsmeden we offer the option to personalize your ash bracelet with an engraving. This could, for example, be the name of the deceased, an important date or a personal message. An engraving makes your ash bracelet even more personal and unique. Our experienced goldsmiths are ready to help you with this and advise you about the possibilities. This way we can work together to create a design that exactly matches your wishes and the memory you want to cherish.

      Silver or gold: which material for an ash bracelet?

      When choosing an ash bracelet, it is important to think about the material the jewelry should be made of. Silver and gold are the most popular materials for ash jewelry, but which material suits you best? Gold can be more expensive than silver due to the high value of the material. Silver is therefore often the cheaper option, without sacrificing quality. At Van der Kooij Edelsmeden it is possible to have both silver and gold ash bracelets made, entirely according to your wishes. Our experienced goldsmiths are happy to help you make the right choice and advise you about the options.

      Warranty and service for ash bracelets

      For jewelry with great emotional value, it is of course important that it is well maintained. If you buy an ash bracelet from Van der Kooij Edelsmeden, you are automatically assured of lifelong service and expert advice. We ask that you come by once a year to check the resin in your bracelet. In principle you have a two-year warranty on your ash bracelet, but we would like to examine each case personally. So if something happens outside the warranty period, we will work with you and our expert goldsmiths to find a suitable solution.