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      Children's Earrings – A Special First Piece of Jewelry

      Many parents remember the moment their little one had his or her first holes pierced as if it were yesterday. But it is also often a memorable moment for the child itself. After all, it is no small feat to have such a first piece of jewelry in the ear. A child's choice to have holes pierced is therefore an important part of personal style development.

      We think it is important that every child can wear a pair of earrings that suits his or her own style. Jeweler van der Kooij has therefore chosen to offer a wide collection of children's earrings. From silver to gold and from subtle to exuberant, the possibilities are endless. Curious which earrings children usually prefer to wear? Below we shine a light on some popular children's earrings.

      Silver and gold children's earrings in various shapes and sizes

      Are you looking for high-quality children's earrings that can withstand a beating? Then you have come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. We use the highest quality materials in our collection of children's jewelry. After all, a child should be able to play freely without the fear that a piece of jewelry will be broken or damaged. With our gold and silver children's earrings you can be sure of that!

      Silver earrings child

      The silver earrings for children that you will find at jeweler Van der Kooij are very diverse and also extremely popular among the general public. We see that silver earrings appeal to children of all ages. We therefore offer a wide collection with various models.

      You can opt for a basic silver earring or stud earring , but the child who likes to stand out has also come to the right place. Many of our silver earrings have a colorful gemstone, or are even available in various shapes. For example, the little ones can come to us for a cheerful earring in the shape of their favorite animal friend. Your little one will definitely steal the show at school with this.

      Gold earrings child

      Our children's earrings are also available in real gold. These gold earrings for children are especially popular among slightly older girls. We see that gold earrings with gemstones and hoop earrings are doing extremely well in this target group. But of course our gold earrings are also available for a younger audience. From small gold stud earrings for babies to cheerful figures for toddlers and preschoolers, we have it all!

      Jeweler van der Kooij sells the most beautiful children's jewelry

      Such a beautiful set of children's earrings can of course also be combined with various other children's jewelry. You have also come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. After all, our collection extends much further than just children's earrings. We understand that an outfit is not completely complete without, for example, a charming necklace or shiny bracelet .

      We sell skin-friendly jewelry for all ages. Below is a selection of our most popular children's jewelry.

      -   Earrings children

      -   Children's bracelets

      -   Necklaces children

      -   Watches children

      From colorful and cheerful for the youngest customers to subtle and stylish for the older kids, jeweler Van der Kooij has something for everyone. The big advantage of our children's jewelry? They are very easy to combine with each other.

      So whether your child chooses a simple set of gold earrings and a charming necklace or a pair of large silver earrings with a silver charm bracelet, jeweler van der Kooij is the place to be!

      Which type of earring does your child choose?

      Not all earrings are the same. They are all different from each other, both in style and material. But the earrings also have various closures. This way, every child can choose an earring that he or she finds most beautiful and comfortable. Below are some types of children's earrings.


      The advantage of this type of earring is that the closure is virtually invisible, and can therefore be worn with anything. They are mainly popular among older girls, who are gradually becoming more interested in jewelry.

      Screw clasp earrings

      The name of this earring actually speaks for itself. This is an earring with a plug that you screw into the clasp like a screw. This ensures a child's earring that stays in place extremely well. A very suitable earring for active children.

      Earrings with butterfly clasp

      The most traditional closure, which most of us think of when we think of a regular stud earring, is the butterfly closure. These closures have the great advantage that they rarely or never come loose. Ideal for the child who wants to play without worries!

      Earrings with brisure closure

      The children's earrings with brisure hook are also included in our collection. This brisure closure consists of a curved plug that is closed with a spring closure. Earrings with this closure are often earrings in various cheerful, stylish designs. These are especially popular among older girls. They may be less ideal for young children, because they are more likely to get stuck on something. So be careful!

      Order children's earrings online or in our jewelry store

      Curious about the versatile collection of children's earrings that jeweler Van der Kooij has to offer? Then take a look at our well-organized webshop. All earrings for children can also be ordered online from jeweler Van der Kooij. From gold to silver and from earring to stud earrings, you can order all children's earrings quickly and easily online. We guarantee fast and safe delivery to your home at all times.

      Would you rather visit a physical jewelry store? So that the kids can see their new earrings in real life before they make a choice? Then you are of course also very welcome to visit our physical store in Vlissingen. As the jeweler of Zeeland, we welcome young and old every day and help them in their search for that one perfect piece of jewelry. Can we welcome you soon?