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      Men's bracelets

      Are you still looking for a men's bracelet? Then you will certainly find something in our bracelet collection. Whether you are looking for a cool men's bracelet or a subtle one. We have an extensive range of materials to choose from. Be sure to visit the store or shop online in our webshop.

      Materials men's bracelets

      We have an extensive collection of men's bracelets made from different materials. Men's bracelets often use strong materials because the bracelet can withstand more. If you are looking for a specific material, look at the right collection of men's bracelets.

      History of men's bracelets

      It is often assumed that men's bracelets have only recently become a trend and that they used to be mainly a common women's piece of jewelry. This couldn't be further from the truth, as men have been wearing bracelets for centuries. Long ago, she made bracelets from pieces of bone as decoration on leather. And later there were also bracelets made of gold and silver. This was only for the rich because the prices used to be much too high. This also gave the wearer a certain status.

      Nowadays more men wear bracelets, often made of leather, steel or silver. These materials used to be scarce, but nowadays they are relatively easy to obtain.

      In earlier times, men of status wore bracelets made of leather, gold or silver. Often inlaid with jewels, but in primitive times the leather was decorated with feathers, seeds or pieces of bone and tooth. Wearing bracelets was decorative, but also had another purpose: it indicated status within a tribe or people. The more decorated, the higher in rank. That is why chiefs, but also kings and emperors, wore the most beautiful bracelets and jewelry. Nowadays men wear bracelets because they find it beautiful and stylish; it suits their character. And it doesn't have to be just one, men can also combine various bracelets with each other.

      Men's Bracelets collection Van der Kooij

      Choosing a beautiful men's bracelet is not always easy.

      Jeweler van der Kooij understands that men's bracelets should be of good quality. Men often have an active lifestyle, which requires a bracelet that can take a beating. Our men's bracelets all meet the high quality requirements that we set for all our jewelry. So you can be sure that your bracelet will last a long time.