Men's ashes jewelry

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      Stylish Ash Jewelry for Men

      Juwelier van der Kooij offers a wide collection of ash jewelry for both women and men. So everyone can come to us for a stylish memorial jewel. We understand that some men prefer a cool and robust piece of jewelry, while another group may opt for a subtle piece of jewelry. Fortunately, our versatile collection meets everyone's wishes.

      Gold, silver or stainless steel? The possibilities are great! So are you looking for a piece of ash jewelry for men to cherish the memory of a deceased loved one forever? Then you have come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. Our expert team will help you make the right choice. After all, the piece of jewelry should also match your personal taste. Leave that to us!

      Looking for ashes jewelry for women ? View the collection here!

      Why a piece of ashes?

      Ash jewelry is worn to make tangible a memory of a deceased loved one. Such a memorial piece of jewelry can also help some people cope with the grieving process. Some men wear a piece of ash jewelry, for example in the form of a necklace, under their outer clothing so that it is worn close to the heart. Other gentlemen choose to wear a piece of ash jewelry in a visible place.

      In any case, it is and remains a symbol of love and connection. Our ash jewelry for men is very stylish and often indistinguishable from regular jewelry. So we can say that ash jewelry can be worn by everyone, regardless of your style preferences.

      Different types of ash jewelry for men

      As already mentioned, ash jewelry for men is available in all shapes and sizes. Now you are undoubtedly curious about which jewelry you can choose from. Below is a selection from our popular collection of ash jewelry.

      • Bracelets in our collection of men's ash jewelry
      • Necklaces with pendant in our collection of men's ash jewelry
      • Rings in our collection of men's ash jewelry

      These are by far the most popular jewelry for men within the ash jewelry collection. Did you know that jeweler Van der Kooij can personalize your ash jewelry even further? For example, you can choose to add an engraving. For example, think of a name, initials, dates or personal message.

      Are you curious about which ash jewelry men usually prefer to wear? Then rely on the expert advice of our team. Our staff is always aware of the current trends in jewelry. They can therefore advise and guide every man in choosing a stylish piece of jewelry.

      Order men's ashes jewelry online at Juwelier van der Kooij

      Whether you choose gold or silver ash jewelry , you have always come to the right place at jeweler Van der Kooij. Selecting and ordering such a piece of jewelry is very easy in our well-organized webshop. We guarantee fast and safe delivery at all times.

      Would you rather visit our store? Of course that is also possible. You are very welcome to view our collection of ash jewelry in our cozy jewelry store in Vlissingen. Our team will welcome you with open arms!