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      Qlocktwo Wall Clocks – A Unique Work of Art

      Biegert & Funk started in 2010 with the handmade wall clocks Qlocktwo. The Qlocktwo wall clocks are made in Germany and are without a doubt a feast for the eyes. This clock looks fantastic in any interior. The innovative and somewhat futuristic design of the Qlocktwo clocks is absolutely special. Biegert and Funk, the designers of this clock, have already won several awards.

      Jeweler van der Kooij sells a unique collection of Qlocktwo wall clocks. We have experienced that the quality of this product is extremely high, and the design is also loved by many. A clock where you can literally read the time, isn't that ideal? We are sure that you will also find a suitable wall clock from Biegert Funk Qlocktwo. 

      Unique collection of wall clocks from Biegert Funk Qlocktwo

      Qlocktwo wall clocks are available in various shapes and sizes. Different colors and sizes are possible. However, the items from this collection also show many similarities. All wall clocks are square and made of the highest quality materials. You can choose stainless steel or plexiglass plates.

      Every customer's home has a different surface and unique design. This therefore requires a custom wall clock that fully reflects your personal style preference. Below are the color options of the plexiglass plates.

      -    Qlocktwo Vanilla

      -    Qlocktwo Blackberry

      -    Qlocktwo Cherry

      -    Qlocktwo Lime

      -    Qlocktwo Blue

      -    Qlocktwo Dark chocolate

      -    Qlocktwo Gray

      -    Qlocktwo Purple

      Various steel plates are also available. These are available in black, red and white. From brushed stainless steel to powder-coated plates, the possibilities are endless. Do you opt for a marble look or a sleek and modern look? There is something for everyone.

      Below are the different sizes.

      -    Qlocktwo Classic 45x45 centimeters

      -    Qlocktwo Touch 13x13 centimeters

      -    Qlocktwo Large 90x90 centimeters

      Which size is most suitable for your home? Make sure you always measure the desired location carefully before placing an order. After all, it would be a shame to purchase such a unique clock and then not have a suitable place for it.

      How does Qlocktwo's word clock work?

      You can literally read the time on the Qlocktwo wall clocks. You don't see a traditional timepiece, but you read: 'It's five past five', to give just one example. The time is displayed accurately to within five minutes. The remaining minutes are displayed on the corners of the clock with light points. Quite a clever design, don't you think?

      This unique clock can be supplied in no fewer than nineteen languages. Which languages ​​are possible? All available languages ​​are listed below.

      -    Dutch

      -    English

      -    Arabic

      -    Chinese

      -    Catalan

      -    Danish

      -    German

      -    French

      -    Greek

      -    Hebrew

      -    Italian

      -    Japanese

      -    Norwegian

      -    Portuguese

      -    Russian

      -    Romanian

      -    Spanish

      -    Turkish

      -    Swiss German

      -    Swedish

      Did you know that the plates of the Qlocktwo are interchangeable? This ensures that you can switch languages ​​fairly easily. For this you only need a new plate. However, there is an exception; No other language can be set on the Arabic Qlocktwo clocks. This model is only suitable for Arabic languages.

      A high quality clock

      The Qlocktwo clock is a major investment. The prices are in the higher price segment. But it is also a durable designer piece that you will enjoy for years to come. There are few brands that can match the high quality of the Qlocktwo wall clocks.

      Each model is made with great care and only high-quality materials are used. Some wall clocks even have real gold leaf. So we can definitely speak of a designer statement piece in your living room or office space.

      Qlocktwo wall clocks are extremely versatile

      The versatility of this product is absolutely unique. These wall clocks are also supplied with sleek plexiglass blocks, so that the clock can also be used as a table model. So you can hang the clock on the wall, but it is also a gem to place on the sideboard. The smaller models in particular can be used as table models.

      Did you know that the strength of the LED lighting in the clock can be adjusted entirely to your wishes? The Qlocktwo clock also automatically adjusts when it gets darker in the room. This clock therefore automatically follows our natural rhythm.

      The versatility of the Qlocktwo wall clocks also makes them a fantastic gift in our opinion. Does one of your loved ones have a new home, or is a couple getting married? Then the Qlocktwo wall clock can be a very cool gift.

      Set Biegert Funk Qlocktwo clock via your smartphone

      You guessed it, this innovative brand has now also launched various clocks that can be operated using your smartphone. Both the language and time can be set on these clocks via an app on your smartphone. This app is suitable for both Android and IOS, and is therefore accessible to everyone.

      Are you also looking for a high-quality designer clock that is fully equipped? Then you should definitely consider the Biegert Funk Qlocktwo. You definitely won't regret it!

      Buy Qlocktwo wall clock at jeweler van der Kooij

      Although jeweler Van der Kooij usually focuses on jewelry, this unique product should certainly not be missing from our range. After all, we also sell watches , so why not designer wall clocks? We have chosen to include this unique brand in our collection, and thus only sell the very best wall clocks that are currently on the market.

      You can easily place an order online, but you can of course also visit our store. Our experts are happy to provide you with personal, tailor-made advice if you need it. Hopefully we can welcome you to our jewelry store soon.